What is The Commune?
We're a group of gamers, and we're always looking for new gamers to join us. Every month or so, we pick a game to play. We chat about the game together, and we record podcasts, record videos, and write essays. You can reach The Commune in the following ways: As for me, I'm Greg Livingston, but I go by Golem. I organize things around here.


Started on Feb 1, 2018
Ended on Mar 31, 2018
Started on Apr 17, 2017
Ended on Jun 30, 2017
Started on Mar 1, 2017
Ended on Apr 15, 2017
Started on Sep 1, 2016
Ended on Apr 1, 2017
Started on Jan 20, 2017
Ended on Mar 1, 2017
Started on Nov 1, 2016
Ended on Nov 30, 2016
One student's mission to save a corrupted term paper.
Started on Sep 17, 2016
Ended on Oct 31, 2016
Use echolocation to navigate underwater and sing to the creatures of the sea.
Started on Aug 18, 2016
Ended on Sep 5, 2016
A test of island courage!
Started on Jun 12, 2016
Ended on Aug 16, 2016
A nonlinear CRPG featuring turn-based combat and a strong emphasis on player-driven narrative and reactivity.
Started on May 1, 2016
Ended on Jun 11, 2016
Started on Mar 1, 2016
Ended on Apr 22, 2016
An indie 2D shooter in the vein of Metroid with an art style akin to H.R. Giger.
Started on Feb 14, 2016
Ended on Feb 29, 2016
This flea fell to the bottom of a creepy cavern. Get out while dodging the dragon!
Started on Jan 1, 2016
Ended on Jan 31, 2016
It's the friendly RPG where nobody has to die!
Started on Dec 1, 2015
Ended on Dec 31, 2015
A procedurally generated take on the platform shooter genre.
Started on Nov 1, 2015
Ended on Nov 30, 2015
Will Princess Elodie become a kind and loving leader, a cruel tyrant, a magical girl? Or will she die from eating chocolate?
Started on Oct 11, 2015
Ended on Oct 31, 2015
Mario lost his castle. Go get it back.
Started on Sep 8, 2015
Ended on Oct 11, 2015
Balance a steady stream of powerups and make the most of your limited range in this artsy space shooter.
Started on Aug 8, 2015
Ended on Sep 7, 2015
A horror puzzle game crossed with a first person shooter.
Started on Jun 15, 2015
Ended on Aug 7, 2015
You're a kid now! You're a squid now! You're a kid you're a squid!
Started on May 9, 2015
Ended on Jun 14, 2015
A platformer featuring RPG elements and lots of voice acting.
Started on Apr 5, 2015
Ended on May 8, 2015
Poop boxes to solve puzzles!
Started on Mar 16, 2015
Ended on Apr 4, 2015
So like, what if there was Breakout, but you played as the ball?
Started on Feb 1, 2015
Ended on Mar 15, 2015
Pilot a combat suit with big guns, a big bike, and fight bigger bosses.
Started on Dec 1, 2014
Ended on Jan 31, 2015
A blend of point-and-click adventuring with RPG combat. Can you brave post-apocalyptic New Jersey?
Started on Nov 1, 2014
Ended on Nov 30, 2014
Ooh, wave physics.
Started on Oct 1, 2014
Ended on Oct 31, 2014
Take on a chemical fire that spans a six-floor building in this overhead (water) shooter.
Started on Sep 1, 2014
Ended on Sep 30, 2014
This 3DS downloadable from Inti Creates spruces up action platforming with a tag-and-shock combat system.
Started on Aug 1, 2014
Ended on Aug 31, 2014
A collection of minigames built around navigating space primarily using sound.
Started on Jun 1, 2014
Ended on Jul 31, 2014
This action-RPG focuses on combat with a dash of platforming and puzzle solving.
Started on May 1, 2014
Ended on May 31, 2014
Push blocks, collect hearts, egg enemies--a typical day for Lolo.
Started on Apr 1, 2014
Ended on Apr 30, 2014
Hop into a cute little tank in this top-down run-n-gun shooter.
Started on Apr 7, 2014
Ended on Apr 20, 2014
Bust up goons with your bare fists while you tinker with little robot buddies.
Started on Mar 16, 2014
Ended on Apr 6, 2014
Kunio-kun and company get to the bottom of a mysterious set-up by way of clobbering thugs.
Started on Feb 1, 2014
Ended on Mar 15, 2014
On an island where wordplay counts as cutting-edge technology, you're a spy smuggling a letter remover.
Started on Jan 19, 2014
Ended on Jan 31, 2014
A four-player free-for-all fighter featuring characters from the NES sleeper hit Ufouria.
Started on Dec 1, 2013
Ended on Jan 18, 2014
Play as the classic Ghosts 'n Goblins villain in this platformer RPG.
Started on Jun 1, 2013
Ended on Jun 30, 2013
The famed Gradius space shooter series becomes a cute 'em up by way of outlandish humor.
Started on Mar 1, 2013
Ended on May 31, 2013
Started on Feb 1, 2013
Ended on Feb 28, 2013
Started on Jan 1, 2013
Ended on Jan 31, 2013
Started on Dec 1, 2012
Ended on Dec 31, 2012
Started on Nov 1, 2012
Ended on Nov 30, 2012