I'm Greg Livingston, but you can call me Golem. Here, I practice writing about video games. I value emotive commentary rather than qualitative commentary. Instead of discussing what is good and what is bad, I want to discuss the emotions that gameplay imparts upon a player.

That's kind of a snooty way of saying that video games have more than just right and wrong; they have a whole bunch of different flavors.

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Posted: 2014-02-28 01:30:48
An introduction to Space Harrier design by way of Space Harrier 3-D's first level.
Posted: 2014-02-03 03:07:29
In Super Mario World, castle 2 brings a number of intimidating elements together and ramps up difficulty over time. This essay provides jump-by-jump analysis of the level to show how it all comes together.

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Posted: 2014-04-14 19:18:54
Super Mario World asks the player to throw Mario into danger using its Dragon Coins, bringing out a stage's theme in greater intensity.
Posted: 2014-03-06 22:36:46
Super Mario Bros. knows how to get one over on its players.

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Latest Projects
Posted: 2014-04-07 23:31:36
An introduction to basic concepts of platformer stage structure. This series has been discontinued.
Posted: 2014-01-15 01:02:53
A review of the dungeon sequence in Ocarina of Time. This project discusses the theme of each individual dungeon and its role in the overall sequence of dungeons.

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Posted: 2014-03-03 12:27:02
Street Fighter II: The Musical.
Posted: 2014-02-28 09:51:47
Ico's use of a fixed camera has implications for the player's ability to progress.

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